Datadriven content writer/editor/marketer

Job description

Signia Labs is growing. Do you have the talent to embark with us and be part of our exciting journey?

The content producer / marketer is a technology savvy, self-starter who feels comfortable working at the intersection of content production, marketing and customer service to support lead management and revenue growth. As our content producer / marketer, you’ll own and manage our marketing projects and programs to enable us to meet Signia’s growth goals.


  • Responsible for our content marketing strategy, inkcluding content writing (copy)
  • Responsible for marketing program development and execution, including segmentation, testing and deployment and continually evaluate these for improvements. This also includes Email campaigns.
  • Work with management to define KPIs, create reporting, and analyze campaign performance. Create recommendations to improve campaigns continuously.
  • Manage marketing automation efforts and processes, proactively researching and implementing the latest best practices, strategies, and industry standards.
  • Plan and perform A/B testing to define and execute enhancements to productivity, conversion rates, programs/campaign ROI, and sales growth.

Signia Labs actively encourages applicants from all backgrounds, races, gender identities, and orientations, because we believe that diversity makes for better companies.

For any and all inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to receiving your application!



Job requirements

To qualify as a candidate you must:

    • Be curious about the how/why behind things, you’re someone who takes initiative to understand a process and solve its inefficiencies without being asked to do so.
    • Able to adapt to unexpected feedback and make sure our projects and initiatives are always evolving to meet customer and company needs.
    • A datadriven “work smarter” mentality and a demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Highly analytical, always seeking out data to inform decisions.
    • Strong communication and an ability to distill complex ideas and project requests into clear, actionable plans.
    • Proficient with Excel/Google sheets, analytics tools, and marketing automation platforms*.
    • English written and spoken fluently.
    • 2+ years consulting experience or agency project management experience preferred.

*You have probably worked with most services like Adwords/Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce; Leadfeeder, MeetAlfred, Linkedin, Facebook etc.